We forgot we had this blog

Sometimes our Big Person gets busy with things and then forgets that we have a blog, and then we forget we have a blog and so then when we remember it turns into a whole dramatic thing. Seriously, Zoë got all kinds of bent out of shape about it, which is silly because she has a laptop and an iPad and she could make her own damn blog if she wanted to and she never has, so clearly it’s not that important.

Excuse me, Elyse, but it is important.

Clearly, Zoë. Clearly.

Anyway, there’s been a lot of happenings around here lately! There’s news that’s fit to print and things to look forward to and lots of pictures. So come see with me!

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Look Out, Internet – The AGGiK Got a Blog!

Hello world!


My name is Mari Campbell, and I want to welcome you to The Dolls in the Dorms, the internet home of that most fabulous of American Girl doll gangs, the AGGiK! What does AGGiK stand for? Well, if you know us, you know what it stands for. If you don’t… well, our Big Person doesn’t like for us to put our identifying information out there for the whole world to see, so you’ll just have to use your imaginations!

Anyway, I’m the leader of the gang here an–

*snrrrk* Maybe in your own head you are.

Elyse! Shush! You know I’m the First Arrival!

Yeah, but who’s the one who everyone sees and automatically knows who I belong to? It sure ain’t you.

And I suppose you think it’s you?

Actually, I know it’s me, sassypants. 

Pfff. Whatever. Anyway, as I was saying… wait, where was I?

*facepalm* Anyway, y’all. Hope you’ll stick around and learn more about us! We hope to have all kinds of fun adventures and things to share with you as time goes on! There’s seven of us here, eight when our friend who’s off at boarding school comes home. Our Big Person doesn’t have our bios up yet, but you can get a basic idea of who’s here by clicking that little link up top that says “The Girls of the Blog.” I’ll yell at our Big Person to get that done sometime soon.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! We’ll post again real soon!