Giftmas, Giftmas Time is Here…

Hey you guys! It’s Caro! I get to do this one!

It’s my most favoritest time of the year – GIFTMAS! (We call it Giftmas around here because our Big Person is an Atheist, so we celebrate Giftmas as the Day of the Giving and Receiving of Stuff and Time Spent with Family rather than the supposed day of some savior’s birth. But if someone says “Merry Christmas” to us, we’ll respond in kind!)

Our Big Person will probably have to work on Giftmas Eve, if not Giftmas Day, so we’re getting into our pajamas early. Usually we do a big photostory on Giftmas Eve/Giftmas Day but depending on her job, we might not be able to. We want to! We’ll just have to see.



Here we are in our super cute pajamas! Anyway, after we got changed, our Big Person put us back in our rooms and decided to interview us about what we thought about the year, and who we think is coming! Cause see… I heard her mumbling.

I don’t think there’s just one new girl coming along anymore. No, hear me out! See, I was listening and chatting with Elyse on our laptops (it’s our chief mode of communication when we’re in our rooms! Ah, technology! I love being a historical-turned-moddie! Ahem.) who could hear better than I could…

It’s true, I have hearing like a bat! Also I was a foot above her head.

…and the door was open. It’s not like this was hard, Caro…

ANYWAY. She was going through some of the extra underwear sets she has laying around and I know and Elyse sent it to me too:

“These’ll be good for her and these ones here will work for…”

See? I think there’s someone else coming! So we’re gonna bring this up, I think. We’re all united in this, but it’ll be fun to see who it is!

We do know who it isn’t. If Mari’s barely-contained rage at seeing the pictures of her is any indication, it’s not Lea Clark, Girl of the Year for 2016. But that’s okay. We have two Girls of the Year! The superior ones too! HA.

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