I’m here! AND I got a new dress! AND a new friend!


It's me, Maryellen!

It’s me, Maryellen!

Hello, world! It’s me, Maryellen Larkin of the AGGiK! I got here on Giftmas and I was a surprise for the rest of the gang, but now I’ve been here awhile and Elyse says I can blog now! And what a thing to blog about!

I GOT A NEW DRESS FROM MISS BETH!  And it’s just the prettiest dress ever! I’m so excited!

Our Big Person definitely wasn’t expecting it when she went out and got it in the mail, it was a total surprise. Aren’t those the best?! I could hear her squealing all the way into the dorm room, but no one knew who she was squealing for until she opened the door and got me! Eeee!


Here it is all the way! Isn’t it pretty? It’s a really pretty butter yellow with a green and purple print at the waist making those neat lines and a cute little bow! Oh, I just love it! (I look super cute in yellow, don’t I?! Our Big Person wants to make me a yellow skirt and HER Big Person said that I wouldn’t look good in yellow. HAHA. Take that!)

Here’s a closer shot of the bodice. It’s SUPER comfy too. The girls here still aren’t used to me being in skirts and dresses all the time, they’re all really modern so they wear pants and leggings. I do too, sometimes, but I love it when I can get into a pretty dress more than anything!

And here’s the back, with a cute little sash – our Big Person says she’s kinda “balls” at tying sashes, but she’ll get better for me! Haha! – and look at that up at the top. REAL BUTTONS. WITH BUTTONHOLES AND EVERYTHING! Miss Beth is such a good seamstress, I feel really lucky to have one of her dresses in my trunk! She’s gonna be FAMOUS someday I just know it! And then I can say I had one of her dresses in my collection way back when! Isn’t that just the most?!



Jeepers, I am spoiled! OH WELL, RED HAIR DON’T CARE.

There’s other news too! Just two weeks after I came, we got ANOTHER new gang member. And we wanted to take a whole bunch of pictures of her for the blog but she has to go back to Wisconsin for a makeover. Her hair is all, as she put it, jacked up. And she can’t wear her glasses correctly. But our Big Person did take her outside to get one quick picture of her before she put her back in her Meet outfit to prepare her for going back to the AG Orphanarium.

Amy Abeni Odom

Amy Abeni Odom

Here she is! Her name is Amy Abeni Odom, but she goes by Abeni, and she’s just beautiful! Everyone’s really happy, because she’s not Lea, she’s another TrulyMe like Elyse, she’s black like Zoë… everyone wins, really! She’s super nice too, I can’t wait until she can hang around to stay so we can really get to know her! Gracie says she looks a lot like our friend Peyton, too! How funny! Miss Traci has Callie, who looks a lot like Elyse, and now we have Abeni, who looks a lot like Peyton. Mysterious!

Anyway, that’s all! A new dress and a new friend, it’s been a good week!

Talk to you soon!



Maryellen is wearing a dress made by Beth at Dreaming of Dolls from the Keeper’s Dolly Duds Fifties Flair pattern. Shoes by Sophia’s.
Abeni is wearing the School Jumper by American Girl.


2 thoughts on “I’m here! AND I got a new dress! AND a new friend!

  1. Welcome, Maryellen! You look great in your new dress, and thanks for the pic of Abeni too! I told Peyton right away and she squealed so loud I heard her in my house. o.o

    ❤ Callie


    • Thank you, I’m happy to be here! And oh my goodness, do I love modern technology! HAHA! That’s what Elyse did when Abeni came into the room! “YOU LOOK JUST LIKE PEYTON!” Abeni was sooo confuuuused! But Elyse explained. It’s like my Big Person and yours have separated at birth twins or something!



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