Giftmas, Giftmas Time is Here…

Hey you guys! It’s Caro! I get to do this one!

It’s my most favoritest time of the year – GIFTMAS! (We call it Giftmas around here because our Big Person is an Atheist, so we celebrate Giftmas as the Day of the Giving and Receiving of Stuff and Time Spent with Family rather than the supposed day of some savior’s birth. But if someone says “Merry Christmas” to us, we’ll respond in kind!)

Our Big Person will probably have to work on Giftmas Eve, if not Giftmas Day, so we’re getting into our pajamas early. Usually we do a big photostory on Giftmas Eve/Giftmas Day but depending on her job, we might not be able to. We want to! We’ll just have to see.



Here we are in our super cute pajamas! Anyway, after we got changed, our Big Person put us back in our rooms and decided to interview us about what we thought about the year, and who we think is coming! Cause see… I heard her mumbling.

I don’t think there’s just one new girl coming along anymore. No, hear me out! See, I was listening and chatting with Elyse on our laptops (it’s our chief mode of communication when we’re in our rooms! Ah, technology! I love being a historical-turned-moddie! Ahem.) who could hear better than I could…

It’s true, I have hearing like a bat! Also I was a foot above her head.

…and the door was open. It’s not like this was hard, Caro…

ANYWAY. She was going through some of the extra underwear sets she has laying around and I know and Elyse sent it to me too:

“These’ll be good for her and these ones here will work for…”

See? I think there’s someone else coming! So we’re gonna bring this up, I think. We’re all united in this, but it’ll be fun to see who it is!

We do know who it isn’t. If Mari’s barely-contained rage at seeing the pictures of her is any indication, it’s not Lea Clark, Girl of the Year for 2016. But that’s okay. We have two Girls of the Year! The superior ones too! HA.

Read on!

Mari is wearing Julie's original pajamas. Elyse is wearing the Polar Bear Pajamas.

Mari is wearing Julie’s original pajamas. Elyse is wearing the Polar Bear Pajamas by American Girl.

What was the best thing about this year?

Even though it was bad in a lot of ways because you were so sad all the time, having you home all summer was pretty awesome. We got to do lots of fun things like get the postcards from everyone through Lissie & Lilly and get to read about all our friends from the board.

Yeah, agreed. That was pretty cool! Rock Your Mocs Week was pretty awesome for me because I got to look cute and represent my culture, and I got to learn about other cultures a lot too because our friends are from all over!

What are you looking forward to for Giftmas?

Finding out who is coming! Omigod, it’s just dragging on, I want to know who it is!

Who in the plural, Mari… I swear there’s someone else too.


I showed you!

…Oooohhhhh yeah, right!

Good grief, you are the most oblivious doll on the planet.

But who do you girls think it is?!

I think you’re getting a historical, but I don’t know shit about fashion through the ages. Hell, I don’t know shit about fashion now. So, I think the one under the tree is Samantha. You always commented that she looked a lot prettier in her rerelease form than you ever thought she was in her original form and that you like her decal eyes. So that’s my guess! And if there’s a second one coming it had better not be Lea. I swear, if you bring that doll home I’m packing up and moving back to the AGGiB! DON’T THINK I WON’T.

::side-eye:: The fact that our Big Person sarcastically calls her “Pretty Princess ‘Mantha” isn’t a clue that it’s probably not Samantha, Mari? Anyway. I don’t give a rusty hoot about fashion either, but I know you always wanted Josefina since you were a young girl. So I think it’s her. And I think the other one is… Grace? I think it’s Grace, but I don’t like that I think that. She looks like a white version of me and I look cuter in her clothes anyway! Besides! I’m the only My American Girl here!

Truly Me now, Elyse.

Whatever! When are you going to get another one of those?! I’m tired of being the only one!

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

Gracie is wearing the Fair Isle Pajamas, and Zoë is wearing Maplelea's Night Owl Nightwear

Gracie is wearing the Fair Isle Pajamas by American Girl, and Zoë is wearing Maplelea’s Night Owl Nightwear

What was your favorite thing about this year?

Making so many new friends! So many people joined the board and it makes me feel like I have friends all over the world, even in Australia, which is so cool!

You getting another My Twinn girl, because Quinn’s pretty awesome and now I’m not the only one, even if the company turned majorly icky later on. Also our picnic was a lot of fun!

What are you looking forward to for Giftmas?

Spending time with my friends and you, seeing who else is joining our huge circle of friends all over the world, and seeing who’s coming!

Yeah, seeing who is coming! I love getting new gang members, because I remember how scary it was to come here at first and how I felt right away when everyone made me feel so welcome! I can’t wait to do that for someone else!

Who do you think it is?

Hmmm… I think it’s… Kit, or maybe  a Molly from the Ebay Orphanarium. The clothes you have already seem like they could be from that era. You always say your mom liked Molly so much that maybe you’d add her sometime.  But I don’t know, you’ve never cared much for Molly, so maybe it’s not. So… Kit. And what’s that they were saying about a second girl? Huh… I think the second one is #55. I don’t know why, I just do, it’s a hunch.

I don’t know who it is but I know I want it to be Addy! Though no one will be like THE Addy Walker of the AGGiB, who I love and is the best! Sometimes I send emails to Sameera to print off and give to Addy, so I get to talk to her still too, and then she dicates to Sameera what to email back, so we’re pen friends! And it’s nice, I love her. And I’d love it if she came here to stay.  And for the other one… no clue. I hope she’s black though. I don’t mind being the only one – and I’m certainly not the only Doll of Color around these parts! – but I wouldn’t mind there being another one either!

Well girls! You’ll find out in a little over a week!

Kanani is wearing the "Christmas Morning" pajamas from Justice with off-brand bunny slippers, and Caro is wearing the Coconut Pajamas

Kanani is wearing the “Christmas Morning” pajamas from Justice with off-brand bunny slippers, and Caro is wearing the Coconut Pajamas by American Girl

What was your favorite thing about this year?

Gosh. That you were home for so much of it! I know it was bad because you were scared, but it really was nice to see you so much! I’m glad things worked out but it sure was nice having you home!

Getting to go outside so much! You know I love the outdoors and you took us outside a lot to take pictures and it was so fun! It’s so beautiful down in this part of the country, especially in the brief wisp of autumn we got! 

What are you looking forward to on Giftmas?

I think everyone has probably said this, but finding out who is in the box under the tree! I hope she’s nice!

Yeah, same here. There’s been so much build-up! Also… finding out that I’m right and there’s going to be another one too. I don’t think she’s coming on Giftmas, but I really believe that there’s someone else coming. I don’t know from where but… yeah. 

Really? Why don’t you tell me anything?!

I DID SO, KANANI! I showed you! You must have been dozing back off, but I showed you!

Oh! Okay! 

Who do you thin k it is?

Hmm. For who’s under the tree? Don’t tell me if I’m right, I want to be surprised! But I think it’s that new historical girl. I don’t know her name. You squealed so hard about her in just about every way that I think she’s the one. And you got so many Fifties clothes! I really think it’s her. And for the other one? Hm. I think it’s a moddie. Maybe it’s… gosh, I don’t know! Is it the Girl of the Year? Next year’s? Le–


Whoa. Well, I was gonna say that I don’t want to be either! She’s so bland! She looks like a union of Mari, Me and Jess. Why make a new Girl of the Year of color when you can throw the three who already existed in a blender and come up with one boring one?

Kanani, I like you more and more with every passing moment. As for me! I think the girl under the tree is Grace. You said she’s your mini-me in looks, and she’s got neat interests! And maybe… maybe she just likes the Fifties aesthetic! She wouldn’t be the first moddie who likes wearing historical gear! Hello? Marisol from the AGGiB?! But whatever. If I’m wrong… oh well. This other girl though… I think she has the Sonali mold, cause you like that one so much out of the ones you don’t have yet. So… I think it’s… #62. The new moddie girl with that face. Yep. That’s my final answer!

You’ll find out soon, I reckon! Thanks girls!

Quinn is wearing the pink and grey pajamas from Creatology's Modern Girl line.

Quinn is wearing the pink and grey pajamas from Creatology’s Modern Girl line.

Do I have to do this?

Yes you do. What was your favorite thing about this year?

Coming here at all! I’m glad you found me and fell for me and had to bring me home! Also, getting my new eyes! I like them so much better, I can see now!

What are you looking forward to for Giftmas?

Just being somewhere for Giftmas instead of in a box in a warehouse in Virginia! That’s really lonely, in case you didn’t know.  And the new gang member! That should be fun too! Especially because she’s my roommate, and you made us an awesome bed and you let me pick out her pet from what we had still! You think she’ll like the Himalayan cat?

I do. Who do you think it is?

Hmm. I know I can’t hope it’s another Twinn, because rightfully, you kissed my company goodbye for being shitstains. And I don’t know anything about American Girl except that I live with some and they’re pretty awesome chicks! But… hm. Kaya maybe? Or maybe a not!Inky/not!Sawako Lilly from Ebay? I don’t know. I haven’t been here long enough to really know who you like and don’t. And what’s this about a second one?

I ain’t sayin’ nothin’.

Jesus, you are so Southern. Fine. I think the other girl is Lea Clark. Come at me, Mari! TRY IT, I DARE YOU. She might be interesting, NOBODY KNOWS because she’s not out yet and her book isn’t out yet! So that’s what I think.

Well, alright. Thanks Quinn!

Well, that’s everybody then! Hope you enjoyed our interviews with our Big Person! Who do you think is right? Do you think I’m right about the second new girl? Who do you think it is? 

From the AGGiK/Dolls in the Dorms crew, we wish you a very Merry Giftmas, Happy Holiday… whichever! Take care, y’all!


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