We forgot we had this blog

Sometimes our Big Person gets busy with things and then forgets that we have a blog, and then we forget we have a blog and so then when we remember it turns into a whole dramatic thing. Seriously, Zoë got all kinds of bent out of shape about it, which is silly because she has a laptop and an iPad and she could make her own damn blog if she wanted to and she never has, so clearly it’s not that important.

Excuse me, Elyse, but it is important.

Clearly, Zoë. Clearly.

Anyway, there’s been a lot of happenings around here lately! There’s news that’s fit to print and things to look forward to and lots of pictures. So come see with me!

First off, can you believe it’s already the beginning of December? Giftmas is going to be here so soon. And that brings me to the biggest news. The AGGiK is getting it’s 8th..


Okay yes, ninth, but Eden moved home so she doesn’t really count anymore.

She’s still one of us, Elyse, don’t be mean!

I’m not, I’m just being honest! I loved Eden but she just wasn’t enjoying herself here, so I’m happier that she’s happy than that she’s stuck here being miserable. She said she’ll come visit us though.*

Fair enough.

Anyway, where was I… oh, right. The AGGiK will be getting it’s newest and final member on Giftmas! Our Big Person won’t tell us who it is though! She says it’s as much a gift to us as it is to her, even though she knows who it is. I just want to know!

Anyway, she’s going to be Quinn’s roommate, so everyone’s been getting ready for that. Quinn moved downstairs so she and New Girl can live down there. Our Big Person made them a blanket and everything!

New blanket.

New blanket.

I hope she has good fashion sense so I can borrow her clothes!



Our Big Person said that New Girl doesn’t have to share her clothes if she doesn’t want to, and we need to respect that. Like how we respect Mari and Kanani’s meet outfits as being only for them.

Aww, why?

Our Big Person said it’s because New Girl’s clothes are hers and so her clothes are hers and she doesn’t have to share with us if she doesn’t want to.

What if she wants to though?

Our Big Person says that’s up to her. But she’s counting on you and Caro especially to help her feel welcome, she said. I don’t know why you two specifically.

Anyway, will you guys quit interrupting?! I’m trying to write here!

What else has happened… OH!

As the AGGiK’s resident Native American, I got to take part in a great thing our friend Inky’s Mom told us about! Just last month was Rock Your Mocs week, and we took pictures of me wearing some awesome mocs. It was so fun!


Don’t I look cute?! The bracelet I had on in this picture? Was our Big Person’s when she was just a baby. She can’t wear it anymore so she cleaned it up with toothpaste to untarnish the silver and gave it to me. I love it so much! She made the necklace for me too, the charm was one her mother had.

Then, when she was looking for a pair of shoes for Kanani to wear with an outfit, she found another pair of mocs and I got to look cute again in a more casual way.


I don’t usually go in for skirts or pink, but I loved this outfit so much I’m still wearing it, even if it is getting really cold here in the mountains. Also I have cute legs. I want to wear more skirts, which is kind of troublesome because apparently we don’t actually have very many. She needs to get on that and buy some more, right?!

I’m so spoiled. I’m not spoiled as much as Mari is but it’s pretty close!


…Mari. Really?


Even our Big Person says you’re the most spoiled.


… Stop interrupting!

Picture 736


I’ve just been all over our Big Person’s Insta-thingy lately. Because I’m really photogenic. And unique looking. And hella cute. And the only one with blue eyes.

had blue eyes.

Yes, Quinn, we know, but they were cloudy and you were blind so you got new ones. ANYWAY. Our Big Person put me in this dress and made me a necklace to go with! And I loved it! I felt like the belle of the Autumn Ball or something!


What else even is there to talk about?


So a few weeks ago, there was a great thing that happened on Insta-Thingy. It was #agsofcolor, and it was awesome.  All the beautiful black and latina and native and asian dolls like me and so many of my friends!



I give Mari shit a lot, because I can because we’re family (NO ONE ELSE GETS TO, JUST US), but she’s so beautiful. Even if she is a Broadway loving FREAK.


So’s Kanani. I’m so happy she’s here.


Zoë got a haircut and freckles!

And Zoë too!


And me, of course. 🙂

Picture 598

And here we all are! This is the last picture of the gang looking like this, ever! Soon there’ll be eight of us, and we’re all really excited by that!

♫ Tomorrow there’ll be more of us… ♫

ARGH. Please stop singing, for the love of all that’s holy, I will give you Kanani’s spring rolls if you just. stop. singing!

Anyway! Tell us who YOU think is coming to live with us!

NO FAIR CHEATING. If you know who it is already, don’t tell us!

Anyway, we’ll see you again soon! I’ll see if I can get our Big Person to take more pictures of the ongoing room project when her feet aren’t trying to crawl off her body.

Catch you on the flipside!

(with frequent interruptions and vocal stylings from: Zoë, Gracie, Quinn and Mari)

* – I just never bonded with Eden and so she has been put away. She is a member of the AGGiK in absentia forever though.

5 thoughts on “We forgot we had this blog

    • Our Big Person had it made for me to go with hers! She says that that’s probably not what American Girl meant by “Dress Like Your Doll” but who cares, right?! It’s a Hamilton shirt!

      – Mari


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